Thank you for your reply. I did what you advised. I replaced all the bonded contact with Shared topology and solved the Static Structural Simulation without any issue.
Next I have dragged and dropped all the boundary condition (Including the fixed support on ball) from static structural to Explicit Environment. I think that is equivalent to suppressing the two balls since its basically fixed. Then I ran the Explicit Analysis.
The analysis terminated very quickly after a couple of cycles with message " Energy error is too large".
I changed the maximum energy error to 10 and reference energy cycle to 1e+07, just to run the analysis till end. The analysis did come to the end time that I have specified (0.001 sec)
Now the displacement as well as the stress plot is that I am getting is very strange. The Bolt is splitting into two and going upward from the plane which I had specified during the Static Analysis to apply the bolt pretension. I know that the bolt pretension object splits the bolt shank into two and pulls them towards each other in order to apply the pretension load. But I have no clue why this strange phenomenon is occurring in explicit dynamics. I have attached below the images of the displacement and stress result of explicit analysis at the end time. I cant paste the images in the comment box for some reason. So I am adding them as attachment.
I did not ran the analysis with balls unsuppressed . I have attached the updated archive. In project schematic page, block D,E,F contains the latest analysis with shared topology
Can you please take a look into the analysis and help me solve the problem?
Many thanks for your help.