Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee
Hi Perhaps it is not possible to download such an old version -
Anyway what I believe has happened is that there have been some changes in the contact stabilization damping calculations which have altered the behaviour from 2020 R1 and to 2021 R2.

Not much that can be done here - most important:
in general though the main message is that this contact stabilization damping should be small compared to the elastic energy (stiffness), so that is the message.

For this particular example it will help to put in an apdl command snippet under the contact object in your tree (so right mouse button click on the contact object and insert commands) , that makes it use only damping initially when it is needed and not through out the analysis as it is by default in WB/mech 2021 R2 (so damping energy will be much less than before where it is always used throughout all of the analysis).

Apdl command Snippet is:


All the best