Hello Thank you for your responses however, I think I need to clarify some things.
1) Whenever I start the CAD Manager, the program claims that STEP file readers are configured automatically (I figured out how to do this recently...thank you for the link to the docs, that really helped), however, this error occurs in Fluent whenever I try to import the example STEP file our users gave me. For reference, I am able to import this file into an STP/STEP viewer without error:
Error: Error occurred during import.
Error Object: #f
Error: Importing the selected file could not be completed. Check to make sure that the selected file format is supported. In addition, check to make sure the CAD Readers are properly configured for the format using the CAD Configuration Manager utility.
Error Object: #f

2) We have checked the OS version, it's 8.3.2011 which should (if I'm reading the document correctly) be supported.

3) We should have all of the dependencies because the ANSYS Fluent GUI launches and runs without any problem and ANSYS Fluent itself works fine, it's JUST the CAD Manager that has the problem. I will go through that list and confirm though.
Is there any documentation anywhere on the CLI for the CAD Configuration Manager and the options needed to configure ALL the possible CAD readers? I could not find any in any of the documents I've looked through. All I found was some documentation for CATIA and NX, nothing for reader versions of STEP or SolidWorks files. If I can just configure everything in reader mode, through the CLI version of the CAD Configuration manager, that would be useful.