In the first step, I want to apply a displacement, then in the second step I want to apply a force. It seems that by default Mechanical will ramp the force from zero. However, I can workaround this with APDL commands. Compare reaction force in the first graph (this is the default behavior). In this case, I have applied a displacement in the first step, which brings the reaction force to just over 2000 N. Then, I deactivated the displacement and apply a force in step 2. You can extrapolate to see that the ramp for the force would start at 0 at time of 1 sec. What I want to happen is shown in the second image, where the force ramps from the value when the displacement is deactivated. This was achieved with an APDL command of DDELE,my_node,UY,,,FORCE
So, my question is, when I deactivate a displacement BC in Mechanical, is there a way to also control the ramping agrument?