Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee

Can you please ask this question in the structural forum - this forum is for design/cad related questions mostly.

thank you



One can define a single node (say nr: numbernode),
then define a mpc184 link via et,1000,mpc184,
then set type to type,1000 (for mpc184 type), and loop through the nodes on the line that are in a named selection (these are selected with cmsel), and then get the node number say called currrent_node_nr, and do a command (E command) E,numbernode,currrent_node_nr, to define a mpc184 element between nodes currrent_node_nr and numbernode. Then do that for the next node in the selection and so on.
This is done for all nodes in named selection in a *DO loop.

Hope this helps (this all help we can give - should you have any other questions create a new discussion in the structural forum, and perhaps some users might help)