Ansys Employee
The API and scripting are part of the graphical environment (CAD/GUI) of Lumerical. Running script.lsf files will require a GUI connection to the machine and will checkout a GUI license. If you have a GUI connection to the cluster/supercomputer, you can run the script by:
Open FDTD CAD/GUI and configure your resources to run the simulation.
Load and Run the script.lsf file into the "Script File Editor".

Or if you want to run from the command prompt/terminal after setting the resources in the FDTD CAD/GUI /opt/lumerical/v212/bin/fdtd-solutions -nw -trust-script -run scriptfile.lsf
It will run your script.lsf file using the resource configuration in your FDTD CAD/GUI.
For parameter sweeps,
You create the simulations/sweeps in the CAD/GUI on your local machine (pre-processing). Save the files and copy this over to the supercomputer.
Run the simulation files on your supercomputer.
After running the simulations. Load the files with the results into your local machine (post-processing).
Best Lito