,let me check out what you shared. Thank you. But still since I don't have accessiblity to internet on my work computer, I would have to find a computer which has internet and ANSYS available on itAnd also, if you have any information if using MPC for a non-linear contact could prove to be beneficial and in which cases, I would be glad :)
,ohh yes thats why we don't see normal stiffness option under advanced settings in 'Normal Lagrange' formulation since it doesn't have any penetration between the contact and target nodes. But MPC doesn't have penetration as well, rather the contact be linear or non-linear, but we see a normal stiffness value there. What is it for?
Plus, could you also please tell me that can't I retrieve forces at contacts if the formulation is set to those methods which has zero penetration? Since you mentioned that the penetration is multiplied with the normal stiffness to get the contact force.