Navya C
Ansys Employee
Hi @davisquaiella Rmxprt is an analytical tool. it will not give any warnings for some abnormal values. But it will give you what will be slot fill if it continues to put that many number of turns.
In some designs there is an option to specify the limiting slot fill, In that case you will see the information saying the fill is more than the limiting factor in the design sheet.
It's an iterative process between the design sheet and input data.
Since the slot fill is very high. I suggest you reduced the number of conductors / increase the slot area and check the winding results if it makes sense.
I will check and get back to you on "Limited Wires per Coil Side."
meanwhile, can you provide information about which template/example have you chosen for this design?
Also, provide all the necessary screenshots to understand your stator and rotor design configuration.

Regards Navya