Hi @GWANG´╝î
Thank you very much for your reply. As what you said, the numbers 64 is cotroling the size of layout size shown in svg file.
I tried to modify the polygons_vertices, then .svg file will be correct for one pcell, but .svg file is still mismatched for annother pcell.

polygons_vertices = [[[round((vertex.x - x) * 100. / scale + s1 / 4+0.75*s1/10, 2), round((y - vertex.y) * 100. / scale + s2 / 4-s2/10, 2)]
for vertex in p.each_point()] for p in [p.to_simple_polygon() for p in polygons]]

WHat is wrong with this? Ccould you try to explain this code? I don;t know the way of .svg file shown in lumerical interconnect.