Hello Karthik and thank you for your quick response and the tips!nA very helpful tip! I will first try 1e-04 for the absolute convergence criteria. If it works, I will go with 1e-03.nActually, I set the Max. Iterations/Time Step to be 120 as you can see in the screenshot above. Maybe you overlooked that!?nWhat do you mean by the implicit formulation of the time step? How can I define this? CFL is default and set to 2 (see screenshot above).nI use to have one monitor for my contour of phases (that's what I mainly want as a video/animation) and one monitor for the residuals. Since I don't have a continuous flow with an output, I can't monitor mass imbalances, if it is that you are referring to. Are there other parameters I should monitor to check convergence?nThanks again! Kind regards!nRaffaelnn