ArraynBEAM161 was available in ANSYS 18.2 and the Help says, This element is used in explicit dynamic analyses onlyYou will use BEAM188 in ANSYS 2020 R2 in a Transient analysis. This element will be used by default.nCowper-Symonds Strength is only in Explicit Dynamics. It is for defining yield strength of isotropic strain hardening, strain rate dependent materials.nIf you are not solving an impact event, you don't need a rate-dependent material. If your transient is low speed, you can use Rate-Independent plasticity. You have found Bilinear Kinematic Hardening. The paper mentioned Bilinear Isotropic Hardening, which is also available.nYou can use either of these, and neither have a failure criterion. You judge if failure has occurred by plotting Total Equivalent Strain in post-processing. You have a strain failure threshold of 0.2 which you will compare with Total Equivalent Strain. The simulation will go way past 0.2 if the load takes it there. Use a small Maximum Time Step so you can find a value in the tabular output of Total Equivalent Strain close to 0.2 to know the time when failure occurred.nTurn on large deflection for your analysis setting in the Transient Structural analysis.n