Thank you for your responses! nArrayYou're right, it would be much better if I can avoid the error. nI just added the keyopt(6)=1 command as you suggested for the bodies of my model that represent soft tissues (hyper-elastic materials). I am not very familiar with changing the element formulation. If I understood well, what I am doing is just changing the way the strain is being calculated by ANSYS? Will this impact the outputs I already obtained before adding the keyopt command? I also read that keyopt(6)=1 is usually used for SOLID272 elements but my model's elements are 2D plane strain, is that okay? nImplementing the mixed u-P element formulation prevented the solution from failing in some cases but not in others. I am still getting highly distorted elements as shown in the screenshot below. nNot that the there is a No separation contact between the 2 bodies at the boundaries of which the failed mesh element shows. nThank you again for your consistent support. Your replies are always extremely useful!nBest regards, nDiane n