for the time being consider below code...n!!! I HAVE TESTED AND IT WORKSnn*DO, i, 4, 5 ! here I have used last two subset (edit here!!) (!!!! ATTENTION here i have used 4 and 5 SUBSET)nSET, i,LASTnnn*GET, my_numnode, node, 0, countn*DIM,DN,ARRAY,my_numnode,4nn*DO, j,1,my_numnoden *GET,my_dispX,NODE,j,U,Xn *GET,my_dispY,NODE,j,U,Yn *GET,my_dispZ,NODE,j,U,Zn  DN(j,1) = j      n  DN(j,2) = my_dispXn  DN(j,3) = my_dispYn  DN(j,4) = my_dispZn*ENDDOnn*IF,i,EQ,4,THEN !!!! ATTENTION here i have used 4 and 5 SUBSETn*CFOPEN,fileName1,txt,\ !!!!(writes the file for 1 subset)n*vwrite,DN(1,1),DN(1,2),DN(1,3),DN(1,4)n(4x, ', F6.0,4x, ',G15.8,4x, ',G15.8,4x, ',G15.8)n*CFCLOSn*ELSE  !!! ( if you have more than two subset then write *ELSEIF,VAL1,Oper,VAL2 )n*CFOPEN,fileName2,txt,\ !!!!(writes the file for 2 subset and so on.....)n*vwrite,DN(1,1),DN(1,2),DN(1,3),DN(1,4)n(4x, ', F6.0,4x, ',G15.8,4x, ',G15.8,4x, ',G15.8)n*CFCLOSn*ENDIF   nn*ENDDOnn