Very grateful for your help!

I know that some users install it with the same steps, but they can be opened, but I ca n’t, is it a problem with my computer?

The Ensight did not respond at all, so I opened Envision with the following prompt:


This is EnVision 10.2.3(b) (12/21/2017) build: 55095 ANSYS_R19

---- --

Running on computer: DESKTOP-P75EHBF

getenv(CEI_HOME) returned [C:Program FilesANSYS Incv190CEIbin..]

Couldn't find a valid slim8.key license file in the standard

locations. Please check your environment variables as indicated in the

Getting Started manual and make sure you have a valid slim8.key license

file installed and that slimd8 is running if using a floating license.


Using ANSYS licensing

Setting Python Home to C:Program FilesANSYS Incv190CEIbin..apex32machineswin64Python-2.7.11

Python interpreter started (2.7.11 (default, May 24 2016, 17:06:05) [MSC v.1800 64 bit (AMD64)])

****************** EnVision Console window ******************

DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW; it will terminate your application!


hostname = [DESKTOP-P75EHBF]

architecture = [win64]


calling license_info()

Failed to load resource icon:

No 3D input device available.

Detected 4 CPU core(s)

ensight102.client using 1 thread(s).