Ansys Pharma Webinar Series

The recent pandemic has clearly illustrated that it is no longer acceptable to wait 10 years before safely releasing a new drug or vaccine. To accelerate this process without compromising with patient safety, computer modeling and simulation (CM&S) — also known as “in-silico” methods -- have demonstrated their importance in a variety of areas:

  • Accelerating drug manufacturing, scale-up, and optimizing production
    Optimizing the drug delivery system
  • Streamlining the regulatory approval of new devices, equipment, or treatments
  • Unfortunately, many companies are still unsure of the state of art of in-silico methods, their capabilities, and equally important how to strategically deploy them inhouse.

This pharma focused webinar series shares the knowledge and experience of Ansys experts and our partners to guide you in the strategic deployment of engineering simulation throughout the lifecycle of drugs and vaccines.

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