Tutorial - Post Processing in Ansys Fluent - Lesson 4

Post-processing is the process of extracting meaningful results from the solution data that is generated after solving any CFD problem. Post-processing can be categorized into two major segments: qualitative or visualization based; and quantitative, or profile/trend based. In this video, we will present a short demo using an example CFD problem to demonstrate different methods of post-processing using the tools available in the Results tab of Ansys Fluent. We will learn how to create various surfaces such as plane, line, and point surfaces. We will understand how to create and use various types of graphics objects such as contours, pathlines, and vectors. Along the way, we will see how to extract numerical results using surface integrals, fluxes, and XY plots. Additionally, we will also learn how we can put together multiple visual objects in a single graphics display by creating a scene.

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Simulation Files   

Download the files here to follow the video step-by-step. Ansys Student can be downloaded for free here.