Mesh — Lesson 4

Launch Mechanical

(Double click) Model, , in the "Cantilever Modal" project.

Generate Default Mesh

First, (click) Mesh in the tree outline. Next, (click) Mesh > Generate Mesh as shown below.

Size Mesh

In this section we will size the mesh, such that it has ten uniform elements. To size the mesh, first expand Sizing located within the Details of "Mesh" table. Next, set Element Size to 0.40 m, as shown below.

Now, (click) Mesh > Generate Mesh to generate the new mesh. You should obtain the mesh that is shown in the following image.

Note that in this simulation we are working with beam elements, which are simply line segments. As a visualization tool Ansys displays a beam with width and height. To display the actual mesh (click) View > (deselect) Thick Shells and Beams. You will then see the mesh displayed in its native form.