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Linear Stress Analysis in Ansys Mechanical - Professional Certification

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Linear Stress Analysis in Ansys Mechanical

Ansys Professional Certification


Welcome to the Ansys Professional Certification for Stress Analysis in Ansys Mechanical. You are on your way to set yourself apart with an official Ansys Professional Certificate! Before you invest in your certification, we would like you to review some important information below.

Once enrolled, you will be presented with five items under the Certification Content area. Please click on any of the items to start the exam.

You will have 30 days to all the items. Upon completion of the certification exam with a passing score, you will be rewarded with access to a digital credential. If you do not pass on your first attempt, you will have one additional attempt within the 30-days from the time you purchased the certification exam.


Certification Exam

Two attempts to pass within 30 days from your purchase.
Consists of 1 theory-based test and 4 simulation-based tests.
Theory quiz is 60 mins in timed duration and is based on the course theory.
Simulation or workshop quizzes, each being 15 mins, are based on simulation setups or workshops.
Start any quiz, anytime within 30 days and complete each quiz in one sitting once you have started.
A passing grade of 75% is required for all tests.

Software in the Cloud

Get access to student software in the cloud.
Bypass the need to download and install software locally.
Certification exams are designed to run on the free Ansys Student product.
By enrolling in the certification, you get access to 20 hours cloud access to the Ansys Student Product.

Digital Badge

Highlight your successful completion of the Certificate.
Share digital credentials with your social and professional network.
Obtain digital credentials, issued by Credly, after successful completion of the certification.
Credentials do not expire.
No limit on the number of shares.

Recommended Courses

Ansys recommends the Ansys Innovation Learning Track titled "Stress Analysis in Ansys Mechanical" available for FREE here to prepare for the certification tests. This learning track comprises of following courses:
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Geometry Representation

LEARN Simulation

Connecting Parts Together

LEARN Simulation

Structural Boundary Conditions

LEARN Simulation

Numerically Accurate Results

LEARN Simulation

Results Insight

Terms & Conditions

By beginning or accessing this Ansys certification exam, you confirm acceptance of and agree to be bound by the Certification Terms and Conditions and all program policies, if any, provided or otherwise made available to You.

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