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Foundations in Fluid Dynamics using Ansys Fluent - Associate Certification

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Foundations in Fluid Dynamics using Ansys Fluent

Ansys Associate Certification


Welcome to the Ansys Associate Certification for Foundations in Fluid Dynamics using Ansys Fluent. You are on your way to setting yourself apart with an official Ansys Associate Certificate! Before you begin the certification process, we would like you to review some important information below. 

Once enrolled, you will be presented with three items under the Certification Content area. Please click on any of the items to start the exam. 

You will have 30 days to finish all the items. Upon completion of the certification exam with a passing score, you will be rewarded with access to a digital credential. If you do not pass on your first attempt, you will have one additional attempt within the 30-days from the time you purchased the certification exam.


Certification Exam

Two attempts to pass within 30 days from your purchase.
Consists of 1 theory-based test and 2 simulation-based tests.
Theory quiz is 60 mins in timed duration and is based on the course theory. Simulation quizzes, each being 60 mins, are based on Simulation Setups. Start any quiz, anytime within 30 days and complete each quiz in one sitting once you have started. A passing grade of 75% is required for all tests.

Software in the Cloud

Get access to student software in the cloud. Bypass the need to download and install software locally.
Certification exams are designed to run on the free Ansys Student product. By enrolling in the certification, you get access to 20 hours cloud access to the Ansys Student Product. 

Digital Badge

Highlight your successful completion of the Certificate. Share digital credentials with your social and professional network.
Obtain digital credentials, issued by Credly, after successful completion of the certification. Credentials do not expire. No limit on the number of shares.

Recommended Courses 

Ansys recommends the Ansys Innovation Learning Tracks titled Basics of Fluid Dynamicsand Real Viscous Flows”, linked below, to prepare for the certification tests. 

Basics of Fluid Dynamics


Real Viscous Flows

Terms & Conditions

By beginning or accessing this Ansys certification exam, you confirm acceptance of and agree to be bound by the Certification Terms and Conditions and all program policies, if any, provided or otherwise made available to you

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Format of the Certification Exam  

This certification exam consists of 1 Theory Quiz and 2 Simulation Quizzes. You will have two attempts to pass within 30 days of your purchase. 

The theory quiz is 1 hour (60 mins) in timed duration where you are presented with 45 questions which test your knowledge of the courses that belong to two learning tracks – Basics of Fluid Dynamics and Real Viscous Flows. 

The Simulation Quizzes are 60 mins each in timed duration where you are presented with 5 questions to answer. This quiz is designed to be taken after successfully solving the simulation exercises. 

The certification exam questions will include both single-answer and multiple-answer questions. 

You will have 30 days to complete the entire certification exam process, allowing for sufficient time to download the model, set up the workflow and solve the simulation exercise before starting the certification exam. 

You may start each quiz at your convenience (within the 30-day period), but once started, you must complete it; there is no option to pause and start again later. 

A passing grade of 75% is required for each of the theory and the simulation quizzes. 

Simulation Test Requirements and Details  

The simulation-based quiz tests your basic understanding of Ansys Discovery for setting up and interpreting results of some basic fluid flow simulations. 

You will be provided with a starting mesh file and instructions for the simulation problem. 

The simulation models have been designed to run within the limits of the free Ansys Student product, found here. Alternatively, you may use a standard commercial or academic license of Ansys Fluent software if you already have access to one through school or work. 

You must use the latest version of Ansys software. The files may not open in older releases of Ansys software, so attempting to setup and solve the simulation with older releases might not be possible. 

Before proceeding with the certification exam, you should confirm that you can set up, solve and post-process any model inside Ansys Discovery, hence confirming your ability to run the software. 

Starting the simulation-based quiz without access to Ansys Discovery software will result in a failed certification exam. 

As a guide, the actual setup and solving of the simulation should not take longer than 2 hours per simulation, but you have 30 days to complete this along with the certification exam itself. 

If you do not pass the certification exam, you will be permitted to retry one additional time (i.e., 2 attempts in total) within 30 days from the time you purchased the certification exam.