LSTC Models Overview

Free or low cost FE mod­els are im­por­tant to LS-DY­NA users in var­i­ous fields. There­fore, LSTC is de­vel­op­ing mod­els with the help and sup­port of our cus­tomers. Some of the mod­els are joint de­vel­op­ments with our part­ners.

LSTC's Mod­els are avail­able free of charge to li­censees of LS-DY­NA who are cur­rent with their an­nu­al li­cense fees (An­nu­al Li­cense) or main­te­nance fees (Paid-up Li­cense). Mod­els are ful­ly un­en­crypt­ed and ac­ces­si­ble. LSTC en­deav­ors to make the mod­els as com­plete, ac­cu­rate, re­li­able, and easy to use as pos­si­ble.

This sec­tion of our site was cre­at­ed to keep users in­formed about our mod­els. It will be up­dat­ed pe­ri­od­i­cal­ly to re­flect changes to ex­ist­ing mod­els and an­nounce new­ly re­leased mod­els.

Feed­back about the mod­els is wel­come and will be used to im­prove fu­ture re­leas­es. To sub­mit ques­tions, sug­ges­tions, or feed­back about LSTC's mod­els, please send an e-mail to:

For news and up­dates about our dum­my mod­els, please join our mod­els news mail­ing list.

To down­load mod­els, please go to our LSTC mod­els down­load page.

For free LS-DY­NA mod­els from oth­er or­ga­ni­za­tions, please vis­it our "links to oth­er LS-DY­NA mod­els" page.