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Wall Film BC modification for particle accumulation

    • Kiran P K

      Hey all,

      I set up a case for particle accumulation on a flat plate using DPM.
      It's a simple case where particles from a height are free-falling in the domain onto the opposite end.

      I used wall-film BC to achieve this.
      The wall-film BC only allows for particle accumulation up to 5 microns.
      Is there a way to allow me to see accumulation without a limit of accumulation height on ANSYS Fluent?

      Can I use a UDF to achieve my objective?
      What other alternatives do I have?


    • Rob
      Forum Moderator

      The film can be any depth, but you'll not see a physical thickness due to how it works. Additionally, a film flows, which is differet to particle stacking. Remember DPM is a point mass and doesn't occupy any volume: it's covered in the documentation. 

      For particles I'd be looking at Ansys Rocky, it'll be faster too if you're not bothered about the carrier fluid. 

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