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UDF for flapping of the aifoil

    • satyam

      Hello, I am trying to simulate the effet of trailing edge flap. I have created a udf based on cg motion but i am facing problems. The rotor has 4 zones, 3 zones each containing the trailing edge flaps for each blade (three blades) and one zone containing the remaining. I am rotating the main domain Zone1 with all the blades with sliding mesh method and all other zones are rotating relative to the first zone. So far no problems. Now as the domain with blades is rotating along z-axis (0,0,1), At the same time I want to flap the trailing edge with a function lets say sin theta degrees where theta is azimuthal. when the blade is between 0 and 180 degrees, i want the trailing edge to flap with function A and when 180 to 360, function B.
      I m using the dynamic mesh method with a rigid body and the trailing edge is not deforming. initially, i am giving the cg points x and y as the point about which the trailing edge will flap for each blade and hooking the udf in the dynamic mesh.

    • SRP
      Ansys Employee


      I suggest to verify UDF implementation and make sure that the UDF is hooked correctly to the dynamic mesh solver and the necessary functions and variables are defined properly. Check that the coordinate system used in your UDF aligns with the rotating domain.  Ensure that you are calculating the flap angle correctly within the UDF.

      I recommend to start with a simplified case to validate your UDF implementation. Ensure that the flap motion behaves as expected in a simple setup before moving to more complex configurations.

      Thank you


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