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SWG waveguide simulation

    • Lei Yuan


      I am trying to simulate the TE0 mode propagtion in SWG waveguide, the duty cycle is 0.5, segments are 220nm high, 500nm wide, and 150nm long for 300nm pitch. I am getting pretty lossy results, only about 70% of power get transmitted in 10um. 

      The source im using is the mode source with TE0 mode at 1550nm. I am actually wondering if the light source see the varying refractive index between the silicon segments and silicon dioxide. If it does not see that, what source am I suppose to use?


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      SWG is not the regular waveguide like the one below it. It has bloch modes so you will not be able to get its mode using a planar monitor.

      Usually such waveguide will need a regular waveguide to be directly connected for injection and detecting. Please search for some references.


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