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surface meshing was successful but tetrahedron meshing failed

    • Michael Pedersen


      I've been working on an FEA of a battery segment cover. So far my process has been:

      • Solidworks CAD ->
      • Spaceclaim & check geometry (no errors found). Seperate all part into individual components (frictionless contacts)->
      • Run ansys mechanical, default mesh sizing. 

      I then get the title as an error message, or the error message shown below. Can anyone help, so far:

      • Changing the default mesh size
      • Seperated the parts in spaceclaim 

      Hasn't worked. I've also got results with CFD mesh instead of mechanical, but this takes way more time and my understanding is inst optimal for this simulation.


    • Sampat Kumar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Michael,
      As you can use the number of options available after right click on the mesh to see which one is more suitable. 
      1. Use the multizone method in the method option after right click on the mesh. 
      2. You can perform selective meshing for the individual part and verify which part is failing. 
      3. Change the mesh sizes for the parts that failed to mesh.
      4. Remove mesh defeaturing by navigating to “Mesh” >> “Sizing” >> “Mesh Defeaturing” >> “No”, and see if that helps.
      5. you can use the tet mesh patch-independent method if you face any problem with the multizone. 

      Please let me know if you face any issues. 


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