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Spray Cooling Issue

    • Milhm
      I am working on spray cooling.I want to spray water in a compressible flow.The stagnation pressure is 4Mpa and static pressure is 0.696Mpa.I set operating pressure to zero and i enter 4Mpa and 0.696Mpa in pressure inlet boundary conditions.I enabled species transport.In materials for mixture template, i select ideal gas for density, mixing law for Cp and Sutherland Law for viscosity.I use pressure swirl atomizer.

      At the beginning of injection i recieve this error:# Divergence detected in AMG for pressure coupled: protective actions enabled!

      # Divergence detected in AMG for pressure coupled, temporarily solve with BCGSTAB!

      Error: Divergence detected in AMG solver: pressure coupled

      What should I do?what is wrong?


    • System_delete
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    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Add more information about your case and switch off injection at first. Run single phase!
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