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Shaft Design under Fatigue Loading – Shigley’s 7.2

    • Lucas Turcatto

      Hello, everyone!

      I searched through references and this forum regarding fatigue analysis in shafts subjected to torques caused by gears, but I could only find analyses on torsion or bending of shafts.

      Due to my lack of experience with Ansys in simulations involving shafts, I also had doubts about the "Remote Displacement" that defines the boundary conditions of the problem. I found a very good explanation at this link (/forum/forums/topic/how-can-i-simulate-this-shaft-from-shigleys-book/)  for the same problem, but I still can't fully grasp it.

      What I need is to define the Von-Mises stress and safety factor of this shaft with fatigue life.

      In summary, I have two main questions:

      1 - Can I replace the application of these forces with a torque?

      2 - How does the application of "remote displacement" work in detail for this project?


      The Free Body Diagram                                                            The forces                        

      This is the result of my simulation so far:


    • Ashish Khemka
      Forum Moderator


      Please see if the following link helps: Utilizing Remote Points Properly - Lesson 4 - ANSYS Innovation Courses


      Ashish Khemka

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