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Selecting model for two phase flow

    • sgvs

      I want to model mixing of two gases or a gas and a liquid. There are no reactions. Which model should I choose - Species transport or Multiphase Flow model? Kindly guide me on choosing model

    • raul.raghav

      The two-phase gas-liquid or liquid-liquid flow forms a free surface (the interface). So a VOF model can be used for such cases to track the interface between the fluids. Gas-gas flow on the other hand would not form a free surface as it mixes in the molecular level. Depending on which solver you are using, it would easier to direct you to the model that would be most appropriate. More information about the physics of the flow is also required for accurate modeling - interfacial drag, volume fraction of the phases etc. The following documents might be help for you.

      Fluent: https://www.sharcnet.ca/Software/Fluent14/help/flu_th/flu_th_chp_multiphase.html

      CFX: https://www.sharcnet.ca/Software/Fluent14/help/cfx_mod/i1384390.html

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