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Running Scripts Using the MPI

    • spacelover17

      I'm trying to run a .lsf script file that works with an .fsp FDTD file, similar to below from this page:

      $ /opt/lumerical/v221/mpich2/nemesis/bin/mpiexec -n 4 /opt/lumerical/v221/bin/fdtd-engine-mpich2nem -t 1 n1.lsf example.fsp

      Is it possible to run the script without running the simulation .fsp file? It seems like even when I comment out the "run;" command in the script, this command runs the .fsp file. I want to try to run the .lsf script without running the simulation itself (because the simulation took a while to run and I just want to run an analysis group using the script), but I am using this script because I am trying to automate this process and run several simulations one after the other.


    • Lito
      Ansys Employee
      The Lumerical scripting environment is part of the CAD/GUI not the solver/engine component. See this article for details. You will need a GUI connection/environment on Linux machine/cluster and CAD/GUI license to run Lumerical scripts.
      /opt/lumerical/v221/bin/fdtd-solutions -trust-script -run scriptfile.lsf
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