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Problem with Multiphase and Reaction model interactions

    • nmontalbetti

      Hello, I'm having trouble defining a volumetric reaction function while using the multiphase model.

      Accoding to Fluent's User's Guide, the proper way of defining a reaction while using the VOF multiphase model is to do it through "Phase Interactions". However, when I "Phase Interactions" tab and select "Reactions", I can define the reactants and products, but I can't choose a Reaction Rate Function, the only option is "none".

      The only models turned on in this simulation are the multiphase model and the species model. I'm modelling a microreactor and I've already ran simulations with just the VOF model activated with no problems.

      This problem has occured both in Fluent 18.2 and 20.2.

    • Surya Deb
      Ansys Employee
      Hello, nOne probable reason for this is that a single energy equation is being solved [for both phases] for VOF and Mixture models. Whereas the full Eulerian-Eulerian model solves for separate energy equations for each phase. So for VOF and Mixture models, only a single temperature is available in each cell.nRegards,nSurya
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