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Pretension Bolt Support in Discovery

    • wolfgang.geist
      Hi, the feature Pretension Bolt is listed to be fully supported in Discovery when reading the Capabilities Charts of 2023R1. The problem with this chart is providing no information whether the function is available in the Explore Mode or the Refine Mode and which Add-ins are required, e.g. Mechanical Pro Add-in for Discovery? What is the status for the feature otherwise the Capabilities Charts are not very helpful when customers asking for functions. Thanks for a quick answer. Wolfgang Geist ConWeb GmbH
    • Devendra Badgujar
      Forum Moderator

      Hello Ghost1246

      In the Refine stage the Bolt Preload condition applies a pretension load to a cylindrical face typically to model a bolt under pretension. For more information, please refer Bolt Preload (ansys.com) help documentation. 

      In addition, in both Explore and Refine stages, you can assign a bolt preload to a bolt assignment. 

      Just a note, prior to defining a Bolt Preload in the Explore stage, ensure you have defined your bolt assignments in the Prepare tab.

      Please go through the ''Structural Simulation bolt idealization'' tutorial to learn more about bolt assignments from the page below:

      Getting Started - Structural - Discovery Getting Started - Ansys Discovery Forum

      Discovery Simulation license will enable Discovery Explore mode. Whereas, for Refine mode, customer needs to have a minimum of Mech/ CFD Pro license (or higher) for Structural/Fluid simulation respectively. The feature does not need separate add-in. 

      Let me know if you have further questions.


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