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Post-processing APDL .rst file in WB

    • Dmitry Zhuk


      I'm using the procedure from that page:
      It worked fine before but when tried to open 200 Gb .rst file it gives an error: An error occurred while copying result file to the solver files directory.
      I don't have additional 200 Gb on my hard drive to get file copied and I don't really see the point of copying. I tried to move .rst file to ..\dp0\SYS-1\MECH before opening it in WB but error presists.

      Any help is appreciated

    • Aniket
      Forum Moderator

      This error most likely is about the space while reading the rst file, you may want to open a new SR with us if possible. An alternative approach to this one would be reading rst file using opensource pyAnsys products. One example can be found here:

      Basic DPF-Core Usage with PyMAPDL — PyMAPDL ( 


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