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Parametric simulation in 2D Maxwell on RMXprt motor

    • easytoh8


      Is it possible do to parametric simulation in order to change one of the design parameters of motor that are needed in RMXprt but in Maxwell 2D desing. I know that parametric simulation can be done in RMXprt but when I convert model in Maxwell 2D and run parametric simulation there, geometry of motor isn't changing at all. Does anyone of you know on what I should look out when doing this?

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @easytoh8 May I know which parameter in Maxwell are you parameterizing?
      When you generate a maxwell model you may not get every variable of motor geometry in RMXprt to parameterize.
      Can you share some screenshots?
      Please use the image option and not the Attachment option while sharing the screenshots.
      Regards Navya
    • easytoh8
      I wasnt expecting a response tbh.
      Down below are screenshots in which you can see that I can make parametric solution in RMXprtand setup sweep analasys in Maxwell 2D but I think you are right when you say that I cant get every variable of motor. But its weird that I can do that setup sweep analasys but in reality its does nothing since I can check results of every iteration and they are same so geometry must be same then.

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