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Induced voltage and inductance calculation in Ansys Maxwell

    • rahelium

      Hi everyone,

      I'm simulating a three-phase single-sided linear induction motor with Maxwell (transient analysis). My final goal is to get values for the stator, rotor and mutual inductance. Under the results tab in Winding, I have the option to plot the self and mutual inductances of the individual phases. Is there a way to calculate the whole stator inductance out of it? And how do I get the the rotor and mutual inductance?

      My idea was to do simulate no-load case (and at a later stage also locked rotor case) and extract the inductances via a T-model from the input voltage, input current and induced voltage. But I'm not sure what the induced voltage represents. I would want the induced voltage in the secondary but even when I simulate the motor without the secondary, I get a sinusoidal induced voltage? So if anyone could explain what this induced voltage actually represents, your help would be much appreciated, thank you!

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi@rahelium Induced voltage is the combination of Inductance voltage due to flux linkage + Backemf.

      Regards Navya
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