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Importing Structure

    • schinta3

      I have a traditional model with an imported object representing a photonic crystal unit cell. I would like to use the new rwca solver, and have a few questions:

      1) Do we only need the geometry struct of 1 unit cell to use the sovler.

      2) Is it possible to use an import object in this struct.

      3) Is it possible to create a CAD in standard FDTD and then pass those objects to rwca... or export that physical CAD to a 'geometry' struct for RWCA

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      Sorry to reply you late, somehow this post went unnoticed.
      A1: yes, one unit cell
      A2: Currently it is limited to build geometry by script
      A3: Currently it only has script
      More improvements will be added as customers like you to request new features. Please file your request: Vote new features, and file your feature request
      Please pay attention to the news release later.
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