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Icepak DUAL package with multiple dies

    • Yin Fang

      Hi there, 

      I am using the AEDT 2022 R2 version to do the thermal simulation of different distance between multiple dies.

      What I am doing is modifying the die and wire arrangement manually from another package with 1 die.The circleed wire is the one I calculated the 8 vertex of this wire and redraw it.

      But this is very messy and cost a lot of time. I am wondering if there is some other ways to generate the package with multiple dies automatically like the default 1 die package.

    • Pdev
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Yin, 

      I don't think its possible to generate package with multiple dies. If you still need more support, please file an SR in the customer portal and we will be happy to assist you. Thanks!


      • Yin Fang

        Hi Pdev,

        Can we build our own package with multiple dies by coding or other ways?  If we have, can you give me some links of tutorials about this?

        The version I am using is for students and I got the license from the third party called CMC, we don't have the customer number so I am noy able to register for the customer portal. CMC suggests me to post my questions on this Innovation Space.

        Thank you for your help and looking forward for your help in buidling customized package!

        Yin Fang

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