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How can I get finer resolution points from a curve

    • MadScientist


      I have the STEP geometry of an airfoil imported into Spaceclaim and I projected the foil normally on a sketch plane to get the airfoil profile, made of splines. Now I want the XY position of the points generating these profiles. For an earlier airfoil, it was more segmented, so I could get the start and end points through this snippet

      curves = Selection.Create(Curve23, Curve24, Curve25, Curve26)
      for item in curves.Items:
         x = item.Shape.EndPoint.X * 10
         z = item.Shape.EndPoint.Z * 10
         if(x > maxXPos):
             maxXPos = x
         if(z > maxZPos):
             maxZPos = z   
         if(i == 1):
             x = item.Shape.StartPoint.X * 10
             z = item.Shape.StartPoint.Z * 10
             if(x > maxXPos):
                 maxXPos = x
             if(z > maxZPos):
                 maxZPos = z   

      But now, these curves are actually Splines, and using the above, I get only 5 points defining the airfoil. So I wanted to know the member functions or variables that will allow me to get intermediate points in a Spline. The image of the foil is as below.

    • Aniket
      Forum Moderator
      you can find knots on a spline using the following code:
      curve_knots = myC.Shape.Geometry.Data.Knots
      for p in curve_knots:
      result = Point.Create(*list(myC.Evaluate(p.Parameter).Point.Vector))
      result = SketchPoint.Create(result)
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