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Flex testing composite using Ansys APDL batch code

    • shashikanthreddy

      Hello Everyone,

      I want to know which element type do I need to use to define a composite having two different materials. Can I use a Solid185, or it needs to be a shell ? To define material properties, I have tested materials in different directions in tension and compression.

      I am dividing the composite into two equal half sections with one under in compression (first) and other in tension (second half).

      I got different mechanical properties for material in tension and compression. The parts tested are 3D printed. Should I define it as isotropic material or anisotropic material based on mechanical properties? If anisotropic, should i input, compression in ex and tension in ey in a section under compression or else, it needs to be only compression properties of a material in all three x,y,and z directions in a section under compression?

      Can anyone help with this ? Any relevant help would be appreciated.

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