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Eddy current induced by a Permanent Magnet on a Cu Disc? [Student software]

    • Swarup Tripathy


      I am fairly new to Ansys Maxwell and I have followed some tutorials too. I wanted to simulate eddy current on a copper conductive disc by giving rotation or linear motion to a NdFe35 permanent magnet. I came across this feed how-to-simulate-eddy-current-loss-in-permanent-magnet, but it displays using 'Transient Analysis', which in my case is not supported in a student license. Is there any other way I could implement this to observe the magnitude of eddy current being generated by changing parameters like the distance and speed of the permanent magnet from the disc?

    • Timos
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, unfortunately you cannot observe the eddy currents by a magnet's motion without the Magnetic Transient Solver. You can change the distance in a paramtric run but this will not lead to eddy currents (you need motion). However there is another option to use Eddy Current solver that computes the oscillating magnetic field (causing eddy currents) that exists in a structure given a distribution of AC currents.

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