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drag coefficent not matching of submarine

    • Akankhya Patro

      I am doing simulation of submarine one quarter side of it with following boundary condition:



      four wall : symmetry

      giving Y+=50

      Turbulence modeling =k- epslion realizable model with enhaced wall treatment

      I need to find out drag coefficent. my velocity profile is matching with the research paper but my drag coefficent is not matching though my graph is converging can anyone please suggest what changes i need to make.



    • SRP
      Ansys Employee


      Check that your mesh is of sufficient quality and properly resolves the boundary layer near the submarine’s surface. Use a mesh refinement study to verify that the drag coefficient is not significantly affected by mesh size or grid resolution.Check the y+ value after the computation again as the real flow field will develop during the simulation and a remesh might be necessary.

      Thank you.

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