Nicolas Neel

ok for her.

it is true that the script of spaceclaim is brand new and that the lack of resources must come from (I ask a lot too).

For the future, if I have one remark to make, it is that there should be an "advanced" mode in the recording mode of the actions of the script. this will allow you to see certain commands which are currently hidden.

Another thing, I leave you as a gift a small python2 program that I created to export certain variables from a script in a csv file in order to introduce them into a nesting software for example. :


import csv

my_file = 'D:\my repertory\example.csv'

line1 =["variable1"]
line2 = ["variable2"]

with open(my_file, 'wb') as contacts:

    relation = csv.writer(contacts, delimiter=",")


something else, after analysis, spaceclaim obviously takes python2 commands more easily rather than python3