So I understood that FT is a post-processing step and then the FE stresses are not affected by it.

What I mean when I said that the results changed is that when I'm change the load and I keep the same history data in the FT, at the end, the results of the FT change, I will have more or less elements in red colors depending of the load I used in the static analysis. 

I don't understand why we have a link between both because as we said, the load I put in the static is just serves to calculate the behavior of the part in terms of stresses to be used in the FT. 

Exemple :

FY = 20N  / Mapping FT


FY = 50 N 

So what I understand is that the fatigue tool will take account of the static structural analysis we did before. 

I thought that we can use a random value for the force in the static analysis. 

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