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The reduction in cell size may mean you're also picking up a flow feature you'd previously missed. It that's transient then, yes, it's potentially caused by refining the mesh. 

Cell count isn't always a good indicator for studies. The authors may have used different meshing strategies making direct comparisons difficult. 


If the residuals fluctuate by increasing the number of grid cells, and the solution does not converge, it is not a good thing. For me, after every repetition, the message "Pressur Coupled" appears and the solution is very slow.

I feel exactly that somewhere the residuals want to diverge, but they barely fluctuate around 1e-03.

Rob, are you saying that it is normal for the "Pressur Coupled" message to appear after each iteration?

What is the meaning of this message and why does it appear for me?

What is your suggestion?

what do I do ?