Paul Stephen

Subject: Clarification on Console Message during Mesh Interface Setup


Thank you for the detailed explanation regarding the message.

Just to confirm, I encountered this message in the console window during the setup condition, specifically after assigning the Mesh Interface with periodic boundary conditions. In the context of my work, I am analyzing the external flow around an object.

In ANSYS 2023 R1, when I assigned the periodic boundary condition, I noticed that an option called "matching" was automatically selected, and I couldn't find a way to deselect it. Consequently, I observed the following automatically created boundaries:

  1. When connecting fluids with the Mesh Interface
    • Common part: interior
    • Periodic

This behavior differs from my experience in the 2021 version. In ANSYS 2021, I had the flexibility to both select and unselect the "matching" option, which resulted in two different conditions:

  1. When the matching option under periodic boundary conditions is unselected

    • Common part: interior
    • Non-shared parts: Non-overlapping wall
  2. When the matching option under periodic boundary conditions is selected

    • Common part: interior
    • Period

As I prepare to run the simulation, I'm seeking further clarification on what this message means and how it might affect the simulation results. Understanding the implications of these automatically created boundaries is crucial for the accuracy of my analysis.

Your assistance in shedding light on this matter would be greatly appreciated. If you could provide insights into the impact of these automatically created boundaries on the simulation results and any best practices for working with them, it would be of immense help.

Thank you once again for your support, and I look forward to your guidance.

Best regards,