Question:Do both of the zero modes show the same behavior?

Answer: Both zero mode shows complete assembly moving , one moving in x direction, other moving in diagonal of y and x axis.


Question: I am confused about the simplified model. It seems to show 2 bodies, but you have frictional contact set up on what looks to be all surfaces of one body where there are no other bodies contacting. Are the other bodies just hidden? Or are they suppressed?


Answer: Here are the contacts with images below:





Question:Are there any substeps converged? If even one substep is converged you can view a deformation result to see what is happening. You may be able to get a converged substep by specifying a very small initial time step, and then view its behavior. Also, set some nonzero value for newton raphson residuals, and view the problem locations.



I let that simplified geometry to run over night, now in morning i got some results, offcourse it didnt converged complete, but it is taking quite a long time, i am using 4 core distributed .