Emine Goktepe

Hello Ulrich,


Thank you for explanation. Actually I searched many resources including ansys short lectures about electro magnetism and electric field. The problem I am facing here is that, when we talk about charge on a particle its unit is in [C]. If we talk about surface charge density we divide it to surface, and if we say volumetric charge density I understand i should divide the amount of charge assigned to particle to volume of particle. 

But this parameter is in the material properties section, not in the DPM properties. So, I understand from here it should be something material specific as you said. In other words, it should be a parameter doesnt depend on particle diameter etc.  These two doesnt seem parallel assumptions. 

I also seach for the material parameter "material charge density", "volumetric charge density" terms. In each source it is explained as charge/particle volume. Not a material specific property. 

Can you please share an example material that its charge density is defined in the literature. Unfortunately all I found is case specific calculations.

And if possible, can you please also share a tutorial/example of fluent with usage of particle volumetric charge density?

Thank you in advance,

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