Amirali Atrli

Issue Resolved:


I followed all of the steps in the article Running CAD jobs on headless Linux systems (without GUI), but replaced the following line:

xvfb-run --auto-servernum /opt/lumerical/v232/bin/fdtd-solutions -nw -run your_script.lsf
/opt/lumerical/v232/bin/fdtd-solutions -nw -run your_script.lsf #the -nw is not necessary anymore.
and my process ran as desired. I also tried detaching from the tmux server and the ssh server, and the code ran successfully.

One problem that I faced on a common basis was the code not running at all. I think this was due to the Lumerical not opening, which happens to me usually (this could be due to my ssh connection, or a version issue). To fix this, I try running the lumerical launcher (/opt/.../launcher) when I enter the tmux session. If it opens, then the .lsf does too. If it does not open, I will open a new tmux session and try again.