Dear Irina,

Thank you for your reply.

Can you please recommend to me why I have to use gridless, I know that the IEEE follows the standards which are used as a standard for the compliance of the SAR value. 

Please see the attached screenshot:

  1. I have already inserted the density of the material using ITIS database.
  2. I am using 10 grams of tissues for averaging the over 10 grams mass of the tissues (SAR_10g).
  3. I am using a voxel size of 1mm, but the resolution of the human body model is 2mm. 

Please explain to me why I have to move to Gridless as it does not follow IEEE standards for averaging the SAR values. Secondly, does the voxel size I am using 1mm voxel size for averaging with the 2mm resolution of the model is correct? Thank you