Faezeh Ladani
Ansys Employee

Hi Aakriti,

It looks like no adaptive meshing going on pass 14. It could be something in the setup, machine, etc.. the design file should be investigated. If you have access to customer portal, please file a support ticket where one of our engineers can get your design and work with you on that. 

On the other hand, what is the reason you want such a tight convergence? For many practical applications, the default setting of max delta S=0.02 is good. You already achived it in adaptive pass 8. You don't need max delta S=0.003 unless you are trying to resolve values below -50dB. If you don't need such resolution, then you can already move on with the simulation by relaxing the convergence to 0.02 or 0.01, while you are submitting your case for a techincal support request.