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Hi Ramiro,

First of all very well-written question! Kudos for that! There was an issue in older APIs of FilterByBoundingBox which is fixed in 2023 R1.

so something, as follows, would work in 2023R1:

from SpaceClaim.Api.V23 import *
PartSel = Selection.Create(GetRootPart())
faces = PartSel.ConvertToFaces()
BoundingBox = Box.Create(MM(-30),MM(-30),MM(-30),MM(30),MM(30),MM(30))
facesInBoundingBox = faces.FilterByBoundingBox(BoundingBox)

You may want to upgrade to 2023R1.

If that's not possible, possibly you can loop through faces and check their centroid such as:



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