Thank you fort he fast replies.


My mesh settings are: global element size and two local element sizes on two different sets of surfaces; Sizing/Span Angle Center is set to medium; all the rest of the settings are at Ansys defaults.

Yes, meshing the coarsest (0.25 million elements) mesh takes two minutes, but now I know that the meshing process is not multi-CPU, so I am no more in doubt about the time for the ~1 million element mesh.

I have understood that there is no other way beside multizone meshing to use multiCPUs for meshing: is that correct?

The workstation I use is not shared, and there is no other process running at the same time as Ansys besides standard Windows 10 background processes.


I replaced my trackball with a customary mouse, but found no sensible difference . I am accessing the Ansys Workstation through remote desktop from an Ubuntu PC.

I closed the screen capture app that was actually open, but, again, did not notice any improvement.


As asked before, I'd appreciate if someone could tell me a rule of thumb to judge the size of an Ansys mesh.


Thank you again for your time and attention